Houses in the greater Washington D.C. area.?

Question by stefa1mg: Houses in the greater Washington D.C. area.?
I am currently looking at houses in the Washington D.C. area (both Virginia and Maryland). I am not familiar with the area at all and my main concern is safety, my wife (a school teacher) may spend a fair amount of time by herself in the house in the summers. There seem to be a lot of homes for sale in Silver Spring and Rockville, MD and Falls Church and Alexandria, VA. Any recomendation on the areas and school districts for a teacher looking for a job???

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Answer by J-Luv
I would recommend Silver Spring or Rockville MD. They are located in Montgomery County, a district that is very well known for excellent public schools. Safety should not be a problem in these areas neither as they have low crime rates.

One prime area to avoid in DC is Southeast. Not safe or appealing area at all.

Alexandria VA is very beautiful especially Old Town, you can find some very beautiful townhomes and condos in this area. It is relatively safe in the suburban areas, there are many shops, shopping centers, malls and parks and things to do. Very family friendly area.

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