How Can I Buy Foreclosure Homes for Cash at Auction Finance

so many people have been affected by our banking system’s financial meltdown, there is now a need for alternative financing. I met Corey Schwartz of Serinova financial. They are a licensed mortgage broker here in Arizona. They are private investors. So why are we talking about this? How many of you want to take advantage of foreclosure homes and buy at the auction? But you don’t have cash to close. The trick to buying at the auction is you have to pay cash. Corey and Serinova will finance you for a Foreclosure purchase at the auction. That is not all they do. You may want to buy a Short Sale or Foreclosure home on the regular market. Buy it fix it up and flip the home. Serinova will finance this type of investment too. Another group, for people that just went through a Short Sale or even a Foreclosure. You no longer have to wait 2 years for a Short Sale or 5 years for a Foreclosure to buy another home. You can buy today with Corey’s group at Serinova. This is exciting that these types of financing venues are available. Corey can be reached at 602-739-7060 and you can find out more about this company at Just my opinion…Jeff Cameron Scottsdale McDowell Mountain Ranch Realtor specializing in Short Sale and Foreclosure homes keeping you up to date on the real estate market! Looking to be a part of our Elite Buyer Group? Recorded on February 17, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.

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