How Do Insurance Companies Scheme YOU?-The Parrish Law Firm — Watch one instance how insurance companies try and take advantage of YOU. The Parrish Law Firm can help you fight back in Fairfax, Fauquier, and Prince William counties in Virginia. Transcript The Parrish Law Firm How Insurance Companies Scheme You Mark Grimm:Give me an example of one of the schemes, as you put it, that they might try. Jim Parrish: Well the insurance adjusters will call people who have been hurt in an accident, and they act like they’re their friend. They tell them, “Hey I’m really sorry this happened. And we’re gonna take care of you. We just need you to sign these forms, and we’ll gather all your medical records, and we’ll do everything for you. You just concentrate on getting better. And let us know when you’re ready, and we’ll make you a fair settlement offer.” What they don’t tell them is that in Virginia, where I practice, there is a two year statute of limitations. If they don’t file their claim or settle within two years, then any claim they have is barred. And I had a lady that came to me two days before her statute of limitations was going to expire. She had had a rapport with the adjuster. He had told her time and time again how he was her friend. He just kept getting better. Finally she learned about this statute of limitations. She called him and said, “Mike”; they were on a first name basis… Mark Grimm:Hey buddy, how come you haven’t told me this is about to expire? Jim Parrish: …Why didn’t you tell me about

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