how is this college virginia union university?

Question by Jake: how is this college virginia union university?
Hey i recieved mail from a college called virginia union university to apply to their school for free with a priority scholarship, i was thinking bout applying there since i dont have to pay and they have a football team called the panthers division 2. can anyone tell me is this college good, popular or is it the same as going to lehman college cause i reside in the bronx,ny

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Answer by rec4lms
This school will be a big difference to you, coming from NY!

It is an “OK” school. VUU has the distinction of housing the City of Richmond Police Academy, so if you are looking at a Criminal Justice Degree or something in that vein, you have some very good resources at your disposal.

I will tell you that if you are going there on a sports scholarship, don’t do it! VUU is infamous for treating it’s sports scholarship students very poorly. I had a friend who went there for football (he also had a scholarship for NCU) and he got injured on the field. VUU withdrew his scholarship and kicked him from the school.

The area is… different. Public Transportation in Richmond is famous for not going where you want to go. You can take the bus to the grocery store, but if you want to go anyplace worthwhile you need a car. I don’t know about their on campus parking policies.

The education is good, the school is popular. It is just going to be a culture shock to you. If you have an opportunity, try to visit the school. I know that I have a low opinion of the school, but there are others who love the school. (They have a heck of a sorority there, apparently!)

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