I first came to western Virginia when I was employed by Lord Fairfax.?

Question by paris h: I first came to western Virginia when I was employed by Lord Fairfax.?
Later, I owned about 55,000 acres inw hat was to become West Virginia. Who am I?

2.) I was the commander at the battle of point pleasant. I divided my troops and placed them under Colonel William Fleming and my own brother. Who am I?

3.) I was a deserter from the British army. I took up residence in a large sycamore tree until the end of the Revolutionary War. Who am I?

4.) I was a Mingo chief who considered myself a friend of the white man. I was outraged when several members of my family were massacred. Who am I?

5.) I led a group of settlers on a surprise raid at Captina Creek. I was falsely accused of killing members of Logan’s family. Who am I?

6.) I sent a message to Lord Dunmore asking for peace after the Battle of Point Pleasant. Later, I was killed at Fort Randolph. Who am I?

7.) I let a band of British troops and indians in a second attack on Fort Henry in 1782. This attack occurred a year after the british surrender at Yorktown. Who am I?

8.) I was placed in charge of all the western lands north of the Ohio River. I was able to negotiate the Treaty of Fort Stanwix with the Indians. Who am I?

9.) I was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses. In one of my speeches, I used the phrase, “Taxation without representation is tyranny.” Who am I?

10.) My father went to Fort Randolph to warn the inhabitants that a group of young warriors was planning an attack. I went looking for him later. Who am I?

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Answer by Joyce B
You don’t seem old enough to have been there. Are you asking us to do your homework?


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