I need some help with my AP US History homework?

Question by elviii.jb<3: I need some help with my AP US History homework?
I just need the answers to these multiple choice questions:

Benjamin Franklin:
a. started an academy that became Columbia University
b. rejected the Albany Plan of Union
c. supported the efforts of Jonathan Edwards in the Great Awakening
d. epitomized the Enlightenment in America
e. founded the Virginia Gazette

The Adena-Hopewell peoples:
a. competed with the Aztecs for control of Middle America
b. constructed elaborate irrigation networks in southwestern North America
c. constructed burial mounds suggesting a developed social structure
d. remained isolated from the North American trade network
e. destroyed the “lost colony” at Roanoke

The largest city in the colonies at the end of the colonial period was:
a. boston
b. charleston
c. new york
d. philadelphia
e. salem

Thank you so much!

Best answer:

Answer by Bill Carroll
1. E
2 ???
3. pretty sure its A

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