I sound Australian?

Question by smoogs: I sound Australian?
I play online games once in a while, and use a program called Ventrillo to communicate with other geeks online. Ventrillo is a voice over IP software.

Anyhow, people constantly ask me if I am Australian. I am wondering what in my heritage could make me sound Australian.

My mother was raised in the southern United States. She grew up in Virginia. Both of her parents had strong southern accents.

My father grew up in Pennsylvania. His mother was born and raised in Pennsylvania. His father was born in Scotland, but moved to Pennsylvania when he was about 10 years old.

I too grew up in PA. I am guessing what influenced my way of speaking the most is normal Northerner’s English, a Southern accent, a touch of Scot’s English plus a touch of urban slang.

When you mix all that together it sounds like an Australian? How could I possibly sound Australian?

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Answer by Johnny B
Well your accent from this post doesn’t sound Australian to me mate.

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