Ice Cube – I Rep That West {Dirty} LYRiCS in Description

OHHH SHIT Ice Cube is Back FUCK Lil Wayne an Drake an Them West Coast Is Back Baby Roll up your Blunts and throw up the motherfuckin W LYRICS You know what West Coast niggas is gon tell me? This is too West Coast [Chorus (x2)] Doin my own (own) thang (thang) And if you got a problem wit that Then the nina go bang (bang) bang (bang) And I be everywhere on the map but I rep that West (x8) [Verse 1] Dont you know that I rep that Why you got to let that boy in the buildin Dont you know that he about to kill em Dont you know that he about to hurt yall feelins Cant find ya might as well play the villain Imma get him, why? Cuz I cant baby sit him Imma whip him, treat him like bad ass children Is it evil, yall better call them people How I get down, just aint legal Money long, sorta like Louis Vuitton I run this shit right here, call me marathon (Boom) I blow like a cherry bomb You a small donation bitch, Im a telethon West Coast million, what is he really on Is it that sh-t that niggas go silly on? Hell no, the pyroclastic flow is evident (West Side) And yall know what I represent [Chorus] [Verse 2] I rep that dub, I rep that S, Im a monster West side, Lochness, Im a problem Matter fact, Im a mess, Los Angeles, so scandalous South Central, home of so much potential But if you go there the warfare is mental Bring your wheelchair you probably gon need it Leave this motherfucker a paraplegic Niggas around the world that think they wanna bang Dont get your ass caught up like Lil
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