im looking for mallrats and spaceballs online!!!?

Question by Chris Robinson: im looking for mallrats and spaceballs online!!!?
i dont have any conversion software on my comp and it sucks caus i have both movies, but neither came with an electronic copy… i really want to find both movies in .mp4 so i can put them on my PSP and watch them on my soon to come 10 hour road trip to virginia… any help would be massively appreciated… cause 10 hours with nothing to do would suck horribly lol

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Answer by Ben
Either Download them by torrent (download utorrent program) then go to type in the movie name, open it with Utorrent and wait for it to download.

you could also use and utorrent to Download a file conversion program. A good one to use for PSP, IPOD or ZUNE files is “Xilisoft” either google it or DL through torrent. Either way it should be free.

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