I’m Shmacked The Movie : University of Colorado at Boulder

#1 Most Beautiful Campus, Flat iron mountains, 420, St. Pattys day, Ladies, High Altitude, Get stuffed go buffs www.facebook.com twitter.com Shot by: Yofray Ray & Arya Toufanian We will be visiting at least one new school every four days and filming until our Summer release. Coming to a college near you, book and movie release Summer 2013. College Tour Season 2: WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY – youtu.be UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN – youtu.be UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA – youtu.be UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA – TBA. FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY – College Tour Season 1: WEST VIRGINIA – youtu.be WEST VIRGINIA ST. PATTYS DAY – youtu.be INDIANA UNIVERSITY – youtu.be – Little 5 WISCONSIN UNIVERSITY – youtu.be COLORADO, BOULDER – youtu.be FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY – – youtu.be UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA, SANTA BARBARA – youtu.be SYRACUSE – youtu.be MICHIGAN – youtu.be ITHACA COLLEGE – youtu.be NYU – youtu.be PENN STATE – youtu.be PENN STATE UNSEEN FOOTAGE – youtu.be UPenn – youtu.be TULANE – youtu.be BOSTON U – youtu.be UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT – youtu.be TEMPLE UNIVERSITY- youtu.be JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY – youtu.be JMU UNSEEN FOOTAGE – youtu.be Abroad: IBIZA – youtu.be XTREME TRIPS x BOUNCE MUSIC FESTIVAL – youtu.be For Bookings Contact Jesse@dGimanagement.com CC: aryatoufanian@gmail.com

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