Is it legal for a company to take advantage of a disability that I have no control over?

Question by David: Is it legal for a company to take advantage of a disability that I have no control over?
I have been billed for at least 17 months for $ 30 per month (about $ 510). I had no knowledge of the auto renewal. I used this site for a video game software modifier. So, I was expecting that if I got any emails from them, it would be something about software or video games. The company’s name is Virtual Training Co. (VTC) and their email was labeled “VTC University signup.” So, I overlooked the email thinking it was a college I applied for in Virginia. But I either got accepted to VCU or just decided that I’d go there and no other school. So, one I was mislead by their abreviated name. Two, I never found out about the auto renewal. Three, I have ADHD and therefor disabled in reading. I recently got diagnosed (6 months ago) and only in the past month did I get the right medication. Before getting diagnosed, like the time I signed up for this service, I didn’t know about my disability.
Even if I did, it’s nothing that I can control and takes a LOT of time to work at. And without medication, it doesn’t matter how hard I try to read and comprehend something, it just does not stick. So, my question is this: If they do not give me a refund, wouldn’t they be taking advantage of my disability? And wouldn’t this be illegal?
No I didn’t notice any changes from my bank account because of my “Lack of detail” from my ADHD…
I only noticed now because I had a lot of auto renewals that I didn’t know about. Instead of only being $ 30, it was $ 200. So, I got a statement and found out that way. I have a lot of unopened bank statements in my room…
Ok, are there any other stupid questions you’d like to know? DUH I’m on medication now! And I’m getting consoling! That’s how I plan to go to college… Are you retarded?

Note: Was NOT diagnosed or on medication at the time I signed up for the service! And if I didn’t know I’d have a problem, do you think I’d signed up? I DID NOT KNOW! I DID NOT KNOW I HAD A DISABILITY AT THAT TIME! So, why ask stupid questions like “Why did you sign up for it in the first place?” Guess I’m not the only one with reading problems…
And yea, the part where I never noticed it… That kind of, tinny bit, shows you how sever my ADHD is… You people really are ignorant and unhelpful. Guess I’ll have to go to a real law site and see what they have to say.
WTF? Because I don’t open my mail doesn’t mean I don’t care! It means I loose things/forget about them! Not to mention I find documents like that… well have you ever looked at a paper a child wrote? It’s gibberish to me. You should research ADHD before you even post!
… ADHD is a disability… Disability by definition is not having normal ability. Normal people have the ability to read a long document or book and comprehend it. I can not. Therefor it is a disability. Just like your brain!

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Answer by Lillian
Did you not notice the charges coming out of your bank account? Yes it is legal.

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