Is This A Scam Or A Real Sale?

Question by : Is This A Scam Or A Real Sale?
I ordered Pseudo Dreadlocks from a small business in located in Orlando, FL. I live in Virginia.
So she sent me an invoice for a payment to PayPal, and I paid about 203.00 for everything including 7-day shipping. I still have the receipts and the invoice.
It took about a month to make the dreads (she does them in her home) and not only has the month but the 7 day shipping has well passed.
I’m wondering if I was scammed? She has a legitimate website, Facebook and phone number. There were close to no misspellings in our emails back and forth, she used very proper language and punctuation and was very friendly. I emailed her and asked where they were, and she replied they should have been here by now, and that she’d contact the post office.
Is this all a cover-up or was my money really spent on those dreads?
I’ve been waiting a while for these, and I’ve been very anxious to receive them.
There is no tracking number, and “she” is a white woman named Katie who makes the dreads in her home. here’s the website.

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Answer by Rainbow Jeremy
Does it have a tracking number?
It could have been caught by customs or something? IDK, but I am waiting for a international order for like 3 months now, which should have taken like 9 days. Since it has no tracking number, it can’t be tracked. lol

Anyway, be patient I guess? SHe’ll contact the post office, just keep on waiting. Next time tho pls choose something else if u want something urgent. I hope you get your dreads very soon! 🙂 I am also waiting for another order lol, very anxiously! Probably, I didn’t help much, but my best wishes go to u! see u soon.

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