Land & Farm – Buyer’s tip #1 “How to Buy Land”

How to buy Land & Farms LAND BUYER’S TIPS 1 Floyd County Virginia Write out your thoughts as you answer the following questions: What will be the primary use you have for the property- immediate and long-term? What is your purpose in buying it? Are you looking for a presumed permanent stay, or are you buying for an interim period? Maybe only for weekend recreation? For retirement? Assuming you have determined a budget and allocated a certain amount for this new home and property, what price range are you comfortable with?Are you able to pay cash for the property? Do not forget that taxes and insurance will be added costs associated with your purchase. How much acreage can you physically manage? In what area will you look for acreage? Give careful thought to the commute: to and from work, school, place of worship, areas of interest,etc. What is the proximity to your friends and family members? Is there enough shopping and available services in the surrounding area to supply your needs? Topography is important as it pertains to construction and accessibility. Personal preferences vary and the usefulness of all of your acreage maybe affected. Some love the views. Others can’t stand to be stranded in the winter storm. What is the access you will have to your property-does it suffice? If you can find a parcel with a peaceful spring or creek flowing,or a pond to fish, woods for hunting/ hiking, or pasture for an animal or two, is that of additional interest to you? Restrictions

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