Lawyers in VA that would represent a kid?

Question by slagathor97: Lawyers in VA that would represent a kid?
I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find a lawyer in Alexandria,Virginia that would represent a 16 year old against her parents? Or would at least give me the time of day. Please, no sass or rude comments. Anywhere in Virginia where I could ask over the phone about my case for free, preferably in Alexandria. Thank you!

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Answer by Quizzard
You might find a lawyer who will spend a few minutes explaining to you why you don’t HAVE any sort of case, nor the legal right to press one, but that’s about it. Lawyers will often give a short consultation to a potential client, but since I would assume that a 16 yr old does not have any money to PAY the lawyer, even getting that far is doubtful. A 16 yr old cannot sue parents, because the parents have legal control over his/her.

If this is a serious matter where the minor needs protection, contact Children’s Services, who may be able to appoint a guardian.

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