Leaking Stanley Martin Homes (water Intrusion)?

Question by LeakingHomes: Leaking Stanley Martin Homes (water Intrusion)?
I am a Soldier in the Army and I will be deploying to Iraq in February. I bought a 2001 Stanley Martin built townhome from the original owner, in Belmont Bay (Woodbridge, VA) the summer of 2006. Since I moved in, rainwater has been leaking into the house causing thousands of dollars in water intrusion damage, mold, and mildew. Only after I discovered the leak did I learn that the home had been leaking since it was built and the previous owner knew it, but did not disclose it to me. In fact, the previous owner is now the President of our Homeowner’s Association. My entire community has been enduring this problem with over 15 other Stanley Martin built homes that leaked when it rained. Stanley Martin attempted to band-aid-fix the problems – sometimes three or four times, many have been successful but some have not. It’s only a matter of time. My home has been “repaired” by Stanley Martin at least four times over the last five years, and it still leaks. Unfortunately Stanley Martin takes the quick, cheap easy way out rather than really fixing the problems. They don’t hire professional independent engineers who specialize in residential water intrusion, they use poor building materials, they hire unqualified laborers to do the work of professionals, they do not build to the International Residential Code standards, they do not inspect the work and they do not stand by their work. Stanley Martin Corp should not be allowed to build any more homes or buildings in Virginia (or anywhere else in the United States) until they repair the homes they have already built. I know of at least five other Stanley Martin homes that still leak, including mine. I developed pneumonia shortly after discovering the leaks even though I am very fit and healthy. My dog Lucy mysteriously became anemic and would have died if I hadn’t spent $ 1,500 on a blood transfusion and medication. Anyone buying or renting a home in Belmont Bay must demand the owners pay for an independent water test (test the home for water leaks) and a professional mold and mildew test. DO NOT SIGN A DISCLAIMER. DEMAND A DISCLOSURE STATEMENT from the owner as a condition of the sale or rental agreement. INSIST THEY ANSWER, IN WRITING, IF THE HOME HAS EVER LEAKED. This applies even if the home is brand new and you’re buying directly from Stanley Martin. DEMAND A WATER TEST and explicit water intrusion coverage in your warranty! Marvin Iavecchia

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Answer by rotorrex
Marvin, you’re not alone. Lots of homes in Belmont Bay are leaking! Recommend everyone join the groups to below to fight back!

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