Logan, UT

Logan, UT
Virginia Union University
Image by 350.org
A bit of a run-down:

Utah State University has started a new student interest group called Aggies for 350 to build climate change awareness through education and action. This group began planning just over three weeks ago, and kicked activities off this past week with a 350 week at Utah State University. Acceptance of climate change science in the state of Utah has been compared to that of teaching evolutionary biology in Kansas. Whether the two are truly analogous remains unclear. Thus far, we’ve received a mixed bag of doors shut in our face during ‘climate knocking’ at the dorms and rallying on the street with harmless signs. 350 week has illuminated the need for Utah to have such groups.

The first few pictures were taken during our ‘climate knocking’ activity, where students ‘stormed the dorms’ on campus to teach people about the numbers 275, 390, and 350 while also recruiting students.

Next, we had an information table on campus near the student union that allowed for students to passively check out information on the movement.

Finally, the photos of people holding signs (all six of us) were pictures on campus and of downtown Logan from which we marched a mile and rallied for a few hours.

We all consider this past week a success, but only a baby step towards getting where Logan, Utah needs to be. Thanks for your help.


Virginia Jennings-Bolshakova
Utah State University

"The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction."
— Rachel Carson

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