Los Angeles Area Photos From 1915

These images of the Los Angeles area were published in 1915 in a book simply named “Los Angeles and Vicinity.” Here is the opening text: Los Angeles has had the most rapid and remarkable growth of all cities in the world. Population in 1915 is approximately 500 000. This city and its environs are the all year round play grounds for the American Business Man and his family. Here may be found the beautiful summer and winter homes of many of America’s foremost capitalists, prominent among which is the home of the late Adolphus Busch in Pasadena. The hotels of Southern California are wonderful in architecture and situation and are unexcelled in the beauty of their surroundings. Among of these wonderful hotels are the Old Mission Inn at Riverside, the Potter and Arlington Hotels at Santa Barbara the Virginia Hotel on the Pacific at Long Beach, the Maryland and Green Hotels at Pasadena, the Arrowhead, near San Bernardino and the Alexandria, Lankershim, Hollywood and numerous other beautiful hotels in the City of Los Angeles. This city and surroundines may justly be called the All Year Round Paradise of Sunshine, Fruit and Flowers.

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