Medical College of Virginia

Medical College of Virginia
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At an antique shop we visited in New York, my fiancee found some old post cards from the mid-20th century showing some sort-of familiar landmarks.

The Medical College of Virginia would eventually become part of Virginia Commonwealth University, my alma mater. Furthermore, my maternal grandfather went to the Medical College of Virginia to become a dentist in the early 20th century.

This hospital was still around when I was on campus, but I believe it’s been slated for demolition, if it hasn’t been razed already.

The back description reads:

MEDICAL COLLEGE OF VIRGINIA — A 103 year old institution has recently added a twenty-story building costing over ,500,000.00. It is the second largest hospital in the South and contains over 0,000.00 worth of the most modern medical equipment. It is one of the few completely air-conditioned hospitals in the world.

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