Mike Seeger’s Talking Feet — a 1987 Smithsonian documentary

Full 87-minute documentary –online — by Mike Seeger (1933-2009), folk musician and folklorist. Filmed during two weeks in 1983, Link for the film: www.folkstreams.net (This youtube posting is in honor of a great friend Allen S. Kraps in Ohio.) Talking Feet: Solo Southern Dance – Flatfoot, Buck and Tap (DVD – April 24, 2007) www.amazon.com Book (Paperback: 152 pages, 1/29/1993) www.amazon.com Compiled by musician/folklorist Mike Seeger and dancer Ruth Pershing, …. Southern dancing involves a great deal of personal style and innovation as dancers create the rhythm of old-time country music—talking blues, bluegrass, hand-patting and western swing. Traditionally, people have danced at corn shuckings, apron hemmings, weddings, and house parties. Nowadays, clog dancers compete at festivals and competitions. Talking Feet is a precious record of the experience of old-timers and an inspiration to younger enthusiasts who want to absorb the tradition and make it their own. List of the 15 dancers along the filing locations, descriptions/times of each segment in the documentary www.folkstreams.net This clip is of D. Ray White (1927-1985) of Boone County, West Virginia; this family has been called the “Wild Whites of West Virginia,” with his son Jessco being featured in films for both his dancing and outlawish behaviors. More of D. Ray (the complete segment of him from Talking Feet, 12 minutes): www.youtube.com www.youtube.com More of both D. Ray and son Jessco: www.youtube.com
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