MyTopo Terrain Navigator Pro Virgina Map DVD-ROM (Windows)

MyTopo Terrain Navigator Pro Virgina Map DVD-ROM (Windows)

  • Includes up to 4000 high-quality USGS topographic maps of Virginia with all the great features of Maptech’s Terrain Navigator
  • Download, annotate, and print high-resolution aerial photos of nearly the entire continental U. S.
  • Create 3-D fly-around video clips to email or include in presentations
  • Mouse-over maps to instantly determine addresses, coordinates, elevations and more
  • Use the maps and photos in ArcGIS, AutoCAD, ERDAS, Photoshop and many other applications

Additional features available for Terrain Navigator Pro (TNP) (9.00 per state): Seamless, 1-meter resolution aerial photos: Use aerial photos the same way you use maps, including printing and adding annotations and downloading for use offline. 1 foot and 2 foot resolution for many urban areas. Street Addresses: Quickly find and display street addresses on maps and aerial photos. Geo-Pins: Organize documents (digital photos, spreadsheets, even web pages) by accurately placing dynamic shortcuts right on the map. Geo-Tips: Automatically label maps and aerial photos with street addresses, coordinates, elevations, grades and areas. GIS and CAD Export: Export Maps, aerial photos, elevation models and shapefiles to GIS and CAD programs including ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Microstation, MapInfo and Intergraph. Print on large format printers. NGS Benchmarks and up-to-date Recovery Sheets. State Plane coordinates. Advanced Tools including range rings by time and distance, area fills and line-of-sight height offsets. Google Earth Interface: Add layers to maps and photos and view them in Google Earth. Public Land Survey System overlay for western states. Township and Range Search/OverlayMaptech Terrain Navigator Pro takes Terrain Navigator software to a whole new level with expanded features designed for professionals such as project managers, architects, land-use officials, as well as expert hikers and expedition leaders. Navigator Pro not only offers the full array of features that Terrain Navigator has come to be known for, but it also allows users to download and use high-quality aerial photos, share 3-D fly-around video clip recordings of the terrain, export maps to graphics program, and much, much more.

Just like Maptech’s Terrain Navigator, Terrain Navigator Pro includes between 300 and 4000 topographic maps of Virginia. And as with Terrain Navigator, if you are planning a hike, you can plot out all your trips out on your PC, then download your routes and notes onto your Pocket PC device. When you return from your trip, all the notes you’ve taken, along with the routes of your spontaneous day trips, can be uploaded back into your PC, and voila, you’ve created a detailed log of your trip directly onto the map. Your maps can be printed on any standard desktop printer with or without the USGS borders and legend, latitude/longtitude grids, UTM grids, or compass alignment guides. And with Pocket Navigator software (sold separately), Terrain Navigator Pro can be integrated with mapping and GPS technology on a Pocket PC.

Terrain Navigator Pro is truly designed for the professional in mind. In addition to several enhancements on the standard Terrain Navigator features, Terrain Navigator Pro offers several advanced features, including:

  • Aerial Photos: Access and download 1-meter resolution Digital Orthophoto Quads via the Internet for a full year and use them the same way you use topo maps. The photos can be printed out on any standard desktop printer, and you can add notes, project them in 3-D, and view them alongside your topo maps. Photos are available for most areas of the continental U.S., and once you’ve downloaded them, they’re yours to keep.
  • GeoTips and Dynamic Street Addresses: Mouse-over maps or photos to determine addresses, coordinates, elevation, grade, and more. With the software’s powerful “auto text” feature, you can instantly annotate a map or photo with that information. You can also search for maps and locations by typing in a street address.
  • 3-D Fly-around Video Clip Recordings: Perhaps the coolest new feature of all! Terrain Navigator Pro allows you to display a map or aerial photo in 3-D, then record it as a short video clip. With this feature, you can email the video clip to a client or colleague, or even paste it into a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Advanced Graphics and CAD/GIS Features: To assist with your presentations, you can export maps, photos and charts to Photoshop and other graphics programs. You can also use the topo maps and aerial photos on ArcView, ArcGIS, Intergraph, AutoCAD, MapInfo, MicroStation, ERDAS, and other CAD/GIS applications.


What’s in the Box
Set of CD-ROMs with a total of 300 to 4,000 topographical maps covering the entire state. (Orthophoto Quads are accessible via Internet download.)

List Price: $ 299.99

Price: $ 269.99

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