MyTopo Terrain Navigator Virgina Map CD-ROM (Windows)

MyTopo Terrain Navigator Virgina Map CD-ROM (Windows)

  • Includes 300 to 4000 high-quality USGS topographic maps of Virginia, viewable and printable in 2D or 3D
  • Quickly find maps by name, lat/long, ZIP code, or place names such as rivers and summits
  • Create elevation and line-of-sight graphs with elevation gain/loss calculations
  • Transfer your notes and routes from your GPS to Terrain Navigator’s detailed maps to analyze where you’ve been
  • Use Pocket Navigator software (sold separately) to dowload maps onto Pocket PC handhelds

Terrain Navigator (TN) (.00 per state) mapping software combines powerful tools and topographic mapping data in an easy-to-use program. Among the most popular features: Easily catalogued collection of USGS/US Forest Service Topographic Maps. 1:24/25,000 (7.5 minute series), 1:100,000 and 1:250,000 scale. Alaska is (1:63,360 and 1:250,000). Search Capability: Quickly find the place you need by searching Geographic Place Names, Lat/Long or UTM Coordinates. View and print Maps in 2D or 3D. Seamless or With Map Borders: View and print map border information, or use the seamless mode to turn multiple maps into one. Create elevation profile for planning or reviewing hikes. Measurements: Measure distances, areas, and elevation profiles instantly. Drawing and Labels: Add marks, lines and routes on top of maps. Print Map on standard desktop printers (up to 11” x 17”). GPS Tools: Transfer data between your computer and virtually all GPS receivers. Connect a GPS to your PC to turn it into a moving map display. Work in virtually any coordinate system: NAD27, NAD83, WGS84; MGRS, UTM and Latitude/LongitudeWhether you’re a backwoods junkie, or a weekend warrior, Maptech’s Terrain Navigator can help you get the most out of your hikes and other off-road adventures. With up to 4000 topographic maps of Virginia, Terrain Navigator has your trip covered, and then some! You never have to worry about carrying around cumbersome notepads and stray wads of paper in your backpack again. With Terrain Navigator, you can plot out all your trips out on your PC, then download your routes and notes onto your Pocket PC device. When you return from your trip, all the notes you’ve taken, along with the routes of your spontaneous day trips, can be uploaded back into your PC, and voila, you’ve created a detailed log of your trip directly onto the map.

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Maptech has scanned each of the more than 58,000 USGS topographical maps of the United States into high-quality images onto CDs that you can easily upload into your PC. Terrain Navigator’s advanced search functions help you find the exact map you need in a matter of seconds. You can then use your PC to view maps in 2D or 3D, plot your trip with your own trail markers and notes, and print out your maps, along with your annotations, from any standard desktop printer. Terrain Navigator will also give you a report about the trip, including the total distance and total elevation loss or gain of your prospective route. You can even break your journey down by each leg of the route. With Pocket Navigator software (sold separately), you can then download the routes you plan to take onto your Pocket PC device. When you return home, you simply upload the maps from your pocket device into your PC, and all the details you’ll ever need about your trip have been saved, including the exact routes you took, your comments on the weather and terrain, comments on the food you ate, the number of mosquito bites you suffered, and whatever else you’ve chosen to note.

And while you’re miles from nowhere, you can use your Pocket PC to help you take full advantage of your freedom. Say you want to explore a valley you’ve just discovered, but it’s a cloudless 85 degrees and you don’t want to carry your forty pounds of gear down the trail. Simply use your Pocket PC to mark your coordinates on your map with a note that says “Stuff left here,” and off you go, forty pounds lighter and a whole lot quicker.

Search Features
Advanced search functions allow you to find the map you need instantly. Can’t remember the exact region? No problem. Simply plug in the name of the river or summit that you do remember, and you’re all set. In addition to searching by more than 50 types of place names and even by zip code, Terrain Navigator also allows you to search by latitude and longitude, or with the graphical index map.

Print Features
Maptech’s print quality is outstanding and is comparable to the original USGS paper topos. All Maptech maps can be printed out using standard office printers, with or without the USGS borders and legend, latitude/longtitude grids, UTM grids, or compass alignment guides. And once you annotate your personal map, you can print it out either as a flat map or in 3D. Terrain Navigator also allows you to print adjacent maps together in a single, seamless printout. What’s more, you can print cross-sections and line-of-sight profiles with the latest high-resolution elevation data available.

GPS Features Pocket Navigator software integrates mapping and GPS technology on a Pocket PC. You can also turn your notebook PC into a moving map display by connecting it to a GPS. Terrain Navigator allows you to upload and download marks and tracks between your PC and your GPS receiver (though you can not download maps onto your GPS receiver).


What’s in the Box
Set of CD-ROMs with a total of 300 to 4,000 topographical maps covering the entire state.

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