Nice Network Advertising photos

A few nice Network advertising images I found:

Web Wednesday Singapore 19.0
Network advertising
Image by Ronald HN Tan
A close-up shot of Randall Rothenberg during the Q&A session. Prior to and also after the talk, I did managed to get to know some folks who also attended Web Wednesday Singapore 19.0 event. It was a good networking session and I will be catching up with them individually soon. If you into web-related areas, you may also want to register yourself to get updates on the next Web Wednesday Singapore event too! Or you can contact me and we’ll attend together.

Photos used at blog post –

Digital East 2010 – Shashi Bellamkonda
Network advertising
Image by csuspect
Social Media Swami, Network Solutions

untarnished social networks
Network advertising
Image by Will Lion
“Social networking is really recommendation between people about the things that they are interested in and they like… this has stimulated people’s attention in terms of the importance of PR. The people who are going on these sites didn’t want to be monetised, they didn’t want to be advertised to, so again editorial communication is so powerful, they would rather be communities that can exchange views that are untarnished.”

Sir Martin Sorrell

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