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13 smart guys
Network advertising
Image by Will Lion
But the kind of problems we increasingly face now; experience design problems, experiential marketing, big, complex, thorny interactive design issues, social network strategies, the stuff that businesses are increasingly spending their money on. All that kind of stuff. They seem more like Fermat-style problems. They’re 13 smart guy problems. And require different kinds of thinkers, more about analysis and tenacity than the flash of inspiration after lunch.

Russell Davies…

Rob Rasko – President and COO, CPX Interactive
Network advertising
Image by CPX Interactive
Rob Rasko began his career helping companies like Oppenheimer and AIG offer their clients advice on cash management, retirement plans, and personal and corporate investments. In 2002 Rob Rasko switched gears and became a principal at an Internet ad agency, Endai Worldwide, driving businesses growth through sales and marketing. In early 2006, Rob Rasko joined CPX Interactive as CFO – with the goal of helping the company grow to the "next level". In early 2007 he was named COO, taking control of the sales, legal and marketing teams, in addition to taking a lead role in the company’s financing strategy.

Free Advertising
Network advertising
Image by Musebrarian
I’ve been collecting photos of other businesses giving free advertising to social networks. See

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