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Check out these Network advertising images:

iPhone advertising in New Zealand
Network advertising
Image by Charles
So this is a scan of a 1/4 page ad from the NZ Herald, New Zealand’s largest daily newspaper. I guess this would have cost the advertiser (Parallel Imported) atleast -20k (possibly more…anyone know for sure?)

That’s a lot of money to advertise a phone that is not actually officially available in New Zealand. It seems these guys are buying them in the US (or elsewhere?), flying them to NZ and hacking them so they work with the local GSM network provider, Vodafone.

It’s kind of amazing that someone would take that on, along with all the potential service headaches if phones get bricked with future software updates…but I guess such is the pent up demand for these devices.

Can you think of any other consumer electronics device that has ignited so much technolust?

All that said, I am totally looking forward to getting an iPhone…just waiting until the 3G model is available.

Network advertising
Image by YB Hong Kong
Web Wednesday Hong Kong – Social Mixer V38.0
"AdMob: Where to the future of mobile advertising?" with Christian Cadeo, APAC Head of Brand Advertising for AdMob at Googleon Wednesday 28th July 2010.

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