Yoshi Lomax is on the run, but trouble follows her wherever she goes. . .

When things get too hot in Miami, criminal lawyer Yoshi figures she’ll be safe if she goes home to Norfolk, Virginia, for a little while. But the streets there are just as mean, and a sistah needs to keep her head to avoid getting popped by a drive-by. And when Yoshi witnesses the brutal murder of a snitch by a ruthless drug dealer, she knows she’ll be the next one in the gangsta’s sights. Out of time and abandoned by everyone but her ex-hooker cousin Carmine, Yoshi’s goin’ to have to learn to fight back if she wants to live another day. . .

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Trial Handbook for Virginia Lawyers, 2010 Ed. (Vol. 1, Virginia Practice Seriesâ„¢)

This title gives you a succinct, easy to use, reference tool to every major facet of Virginia trial practice. It provides a clear and concise treatment of questions of law that frequently arise during the trial, moving sequentially from motions during trial and selection of a jury, to summary judgments, damages, and closing arguments. Research references direct you to more indepth treatment of specific subject areas.

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