N&W 4-8-0 #1151 at the VMT in Roanoke, VA

Norfolk and Western 4-8-0 M2c class #1151 was built in the N&W’s Roanoke East End Shops in 1911. She is one of four steam locomotives that were sent to the Roanoke Scrapyard, but were never scrapped. They were called by many railroad enthusiests as, “The Lost Engines of Roanoke”. In 2009, 1151 and two of her M2 class older sisters, were removed from the scrapyard. 1151 was given to the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke, VA. Sadly, 1151 is not in good shape. She is missing most of her key parts, most notisable is the smokebox front, smokestack, and connecting rods. She is missing those parts because she was in the middle of an overhaul at the East End shops when N&W decided to send her to scrap. The 15000 gallon tender behind 1151 was not original to her as she never had this type of tender when she was in N&W use, but several of her long scrapped sisters used this type of tender in their later years. 1151 and the tender sit outside of the fenced area at the museum, awaiting future restoration.

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