Oceanfront hotels centrally located in Virginia Beach?

Question by Megan[♥]Mackenzie!: Oceanfront hotels centrally located in Virginia Beach?
I am currently searching for a hotel in the Virginia Beach Resort Area. Price is not a issue. I was looking at the Hilton and the Holiday Inn North Beach. I enjoyed the how the Hilton had the rooftop pool, bike rentals, and chair/umbrella rentals, but many complaints about it not being very family oriented. The Holiday Inn’s lazy river was a wonderful feature, but it is not very central.
*Needs to be centrally located 2000 Atlantic Ave-3100 Atlantic Ave
*Needs to provide transportation from airport to hotel, vice versa.
*Free continental breakfast and Wi-Fi would be nice
*Must have oceanfront room with adjoining rooms, or a bedroom with sitting room
*Must be 4 star or up

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Answer by AmyBocat
Check out TripAdvisor.com – they have great ideas and lots of independent reviews and pictures from travelers. You can put in all your options and they will give a list of hotels with those features. You can even pick you $ . Of course all the travel sites do this as well.

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