Our Broken Family

Anthoney Conyers – Commissioner of the Virginia Dept. of Social Services, Thanks for NOT doing your JOB! It’s typical to see your agency doing damage control now on youtube. The one main thing I took from it is that you feel that no matter what damage your agencies have done in the past – it’s ok- because they were just doing what they were told to do. Once your agency -or an arm of your agency- takes a child …you told me in a letter , which I will post shortly, that it’s out of your hands and now in the hands of your “partner” the juvenile justice system. You basically admitted in your video and letter to me that although you are citing a need for change within DSS you are holding no one accountable and taking a “hands off” approach when dealing with the families. You didn’t address the fact that there should be investigations of corrupt workers – and there are many- in places like Giles County Virginia. The story at the end was moving too – you confirmed my opinion of social workers – they all feel as if they are all powerful “redeemers” and basically think they are “God”. That’s our final word to you. AFTER THIS VIDEO WAS POSTED DSS TOOK THEIR VIDEO DOWN. A slideshow of my family before and after our 5 children were snatched from us by corrupt virginia CPS and a corrupt Giles County Sheriffs Dept. Capt. Mike Falls who arrested us and manhandled my wife has a history…www.mapinc.org Deputy Dunn falsified police report and arrest warrants. Gov. Kaine and State
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