PAF 5.2 on Mac OS X (No Windows)

Install Paf 5.2 on Mac OS X! (A completely legal way to run Personal Ancestry File from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints without purchasing or installing Microsoft Windows) Note: The only thing you will have to buy for this is Codeweavers’ “Crossover” software. Which is typically about to and can be bought and downloaded from their site. I myself have purchased it 2 years ago from them and my credit card has never been hacked, so they seem to be a safe place to buy online. Yes it’s still buying software but is cheaper than 0 for the full version of Windows 7 Home Premium! 🙂 Here are the steps: 1.) Download and install Crossover ( 2.) Download PAF 5.2 ( 3.) Open Crossover and create a new bottle. (I recommend picking Windows XP as the Windows version). 4.) File – Open in Crossover and find your Paf5EnglishSetup.exe in your Downloads folder. 5.) Follow the directions in the Paf 5 installer. THEN from then on, each time you want to use Paf 1.) Open Crossover. 2.) Go to the Programs menu and look for Family Search – Paf 5. 3.) ENJOY using PAF without having to buy Windows! 😀 NOTE: I am not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or an employee of Codeweavers. I am just a genealogy enthusiast who happens to have a lot of LDS friends and family who got me started on this software long ago. Although Codeweavers offers technical support for those who pay for their software if you have any

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