Part 2 Public Option for Health Insurance Sen. Webb organized a demonstration next to Senator Jim Webb’s office in Town Center, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Senator’s office limited the amount of people allowed in his office to 4 at the time. The rest of us carried signs, positioning ourselves in the very visible Town Center area of Virginia Beach. Here, we see our group hit the streets seeking generating support for this cause. The car horns tell the story. There is widespread public support for a public option for buying health insurance. Our group assembled near Virginia Senator Jim Webb’s office. We hope that Senator Webb becomes much more vocal in his support for this. Seeing a politician “riding the fence” irritates the hell out of me…They ardently seek our vote for election, but when it becomes time for them to become vocal and voice an opinion, all we get are ambiguities. We voters tend to retaliate in the mid term elections, punishing the parties that have sold us out, and have failed to deliver on their campaign promises. Hopefully, Senator Webb will find his voice and go on the record for support of a STRONG PUBLIC OPTION for health insurance.
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