Peoria – Winter of 1977

Peoria – Winter of 1977
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Image by roger4336
I left Peoria in February 1977, for a new job in Washington and a home in Annandale, Virginia. This is one of the last photos that I took in Peoria. A "for sale" sign is in the front yard. Our two cars are in the driveway.

The winter of 1977 was exceptionally cold in Illinois. The next two winters were also unusually cold. January 1977 was a particularly bad month. The temperature in Peoria never reached 32 degrees (0 C) in the entire month, which may have been a new record.

The pattern was temperatures around 30 degrees with snow. Then it would get very cold, close to zero (-18 C). Then more snow, and more very cold temperatures, and so on, the entire month. The brilliant blue sky shows that this was one of the cold days. Toward the end of the month, it was hard to find a place to shovel the snow where the driveway turned.

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