pet friendly hotels around virginia?

Question by winter_white_wolf_pup: pet friendly hotels around virginia?
My husband,stepson and I are leaving next month for a 2 or 3 day trip to virginia for my step daughter’s graduation from high school. We are planning on taking our two labs with us and getting someone to care for our other dogs and 9 cats.( we have 3 other dogs a 9 month old pit bull a 3 month old gsd and a 6 month to 1 year old whippet mix and we are caring for our landlords 2 year old doberman) We dont have enough room in out vehicle to take all the dogs nor do we have enough crates to go around. The pit and the doberman are outside dogs as is the GSD until we move into a bigger house and can get more crates. The whippet mix has her own crate and will go willingly into it on the command “bedtime” (right now its 3 crates and 6 dogs) The labs travel well and enjoy going for rides. But we need an idea of what hotels we might look into for the few days we will be gone. We are thinking of having my dad and stepmom look after the other dogs and cats while we are gone.
The two labs have all their shots up to date. The other dogs will be getting their shots up dated after we return home (their vet appointments are the 12of june for Tress the pit bull the 3 rd of july for Katana the doberman july 14th for Belle the whippet mix and sometime in august for the GSD. I know most states require that the dogs have health papers from the vet at home when the dogs are traveling. We will also be getting the dogs tags (id) and if we can we are gonna get them microchipped before we leave.

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This is a great resource for finding Pet Friendly lodging:

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