Planned Parenthood in Virginia Sting Video January 12, 2011

Where is the media outrage? On Tuesday, the Pro-Life organization Live Action released a video that was recorded at a Planned Parenthood in New Jersey. In this video, the manager of that Planned Parenthood offered advice on how to obtain abortions for underage prostitutes to a man she believed to be the head of an illegal sex trafficking ring. Thursday (today, 03FEB2011) a second video was released showing a similar scene recorded in a Planned Parenthood in Virginia, proving that the first video did not reflect an isolated occurrence. ABC, NBC and CBS continue to completely ignore this story. This obvious and outrageous omission by the networks cannot be allowed to go unchallenged, and the MRC Action team is taking the Leftist media to task, holding the media accountable and demanding they “Stop Ignoring the Planned Parenthood Sting Video” and start doing their jobs! E-mail Key Network Executives and Editors MRC has identified the liberal media offenders who are supporting Planned Parenthood’s repulsive actions through their silence, and are asking all members of the MRC Action team to take fast action by emailing their outrage directly to the network decision-makers. Simply complete the form below and the MRC will email your comments directly to the key network offenders!

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