PLEASE CRITIQUE MY PASTORAL RESUME!! (Qualified but not landing interviews) WHY????

Question by Andre L: PLEASE CRITIQUE MY PASTORAL RESUME!! (Qualified but not landing interviews) WHY????
Reverend JOHN DOE



Seeking a Baptist congregation that will enable me to exercise my calling as a pastor to create a clear vision for a church in the areas of executive leadership, preaching, teaching, and encouraging spiritual growth among God’s people.


I am dedicated to deepening my calling to the ministry. I am equipped with a spiritual gift for building people, families and communities to further the commission of Christ. I have been practicing in the ministry for 9 years. For the past four years, I have been called to pastor “BLANK-BLANK Baptist Church of Taverville in “BLANK-BLANK”, North Carolina. Amburg has grown spiritually, numerically, and financially during my tenure as pastor. In addition to being called to the ministry, I am also a Fine Arts teacher in the ?????? City Public Schools system in Carson City, North Carolina. Teaching has enabled me to develop skills to build a youth and youth ministry that address the total needs of children through education, recreation, spiritual support and mentoring. My ministry philosophy is that the African American church should not simply be an isolated institution that is only connected to the community because of its physical location. Rather the African American church should strive to be the heartbeat of its community by addressing the holistic needs of individuals and the community in which it serves. The most important needs include spirituality, economic improvement and social justice.


•Dedicated Pastor/Motivator
•Expositor of God’s Word
•Teacher/Strong Educational Leader
•Community Activism
•Member of N.A.A.C.P
•Southside Rappahannock Baptist Association
•Baptist General Convention of Virginia
•Outstanding Student Leadership (Virginia Union University)
•Ministers Alliance, President 1999 (Virginia Union University)
•Metro Tidewater Ministers Conference

University of Phoenix
Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership, (EDD) Emphasis: Curriculum and Instruction candidate
(Anticipated date of graduation-2010)
Master of Arts in Education, (MAED) Emphasis: Curriculum and Instruction-2006

Virginia Union University
Master of Divinity (M. Div.) -2006
Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) -Major, Speech and Drama-1999, *** Laude
Associate of Religion and Philosophy-1999

Certificate of Ordination-December 10, 2000
Certificate of License-September 7, 1997
Evangelism Training-September 7, 1993
I have cut and copied this several times and it still doesn’t come out right. My actual resume looks a lot better; font, centering and etc.

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Answer by dsjpk55
your qualications section is waayyyy too long. people certainly get bored reading that and simply throw it away.

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