Promotional VA Rugby Video

Introduction • Welcome to the Virginia Rugby Union Youth and High School age program. • This program is to promote the fantastic game of Rugby throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia for children ages 6 to 19. • Rugby is the world’s 2nd largest team sport, with unions (leagues) in 190 countries. The Rugby World Cup, which takes place every 4 years, is the world’s 3rd largest sporting event, behind the soccer World Cup and the Olympic Games. • Youth rugby is a fun sporting process of developing and learning young rugby players from kindergarten through high school players. • It is known through the model of other sports that Rugby will only grow in popularity by making it more available to the youth of Virginia and their families. • This program involves a positive pathway of development from small 7 a side non-contact co-ed “touch” rugby for young players, through to full 15 a side contact rugby for high school level teams. • Youth rugby is for both boys and girls. • The Virginia Rugby Union Youth Rugby division offers programs for all ages and all levels of play. Come give it a TRY! Why Play Youth Rugby? • The main reason to play youth rugby is because it is FUN! • Running, kicking, passing, and teamwork are a few of the things you will experience in this fast growing sport. • It requires lots of energy and it teaches children to think on their feet by playing a game that does not stop for time outs or breaks in play. • Youth rugby also builds strong self confidence and

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