roof, front – Carolyn says hi – IMG_3083 (20110615)

roof, front – Carolyn says hi – IMG_3083 (20110615)
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Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Carolyn says "Hi", while I check out the roof for the first time since it was modified during the mid-2000’s building of our addition. Due to the terrain, there are parts of my roof you can only see on Google Earth — unless you go up there. After sliding down the roof uncontrollably on more than one occasion, I stopped going up there as much a few years ago.

To make the most of the expedition, I took the camera and also bought roofing cement. The stuff smells horrible — like hot asphalt — and you can smell it from 50 feet away for awhile afterward. It can only be washed off of your skin with paint thinner (which says not to put on your skin). You can see where I patched 2 nails to the left of the ladder, at the edge of the roof. I basically used half the bucket on every exposed nail head, every crack, and on all the edges of the chimney flashing (which really did flood once when our builder screwed up the roof — see video of the 20060625 indoor rain at ). Originally I was going to nail in a roofing safety harness bracket — a 0 fall harness + bracket I bought online, so as to not fall off my roof and kill myself — but my stud sensor was unable to sense the joists through my shingles, so I had to abort that project. But that’s what the roofing cement was originally for — keeping the holes I was going to put in my shingles from leaking into roof. Instead I just used it for general roof upkeep.

So anyway, after all that, Progressive drops us for the condition of our roof ("curling shingles"). Of course, we survived the hurricane JUST FINE with zero water in our house, proving that Progressive Insurance are ASSHOLES. These shingles are not in perfect condition, but the roof sure as hell does not need to be re-done if it is functioning just fine.

Also since then, additional gutter guards have been deployed, and they are uniformly and 100% covering the front gutters at least. Had to cut some into custom-sized pieces to get full coverage.

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Homesite insurance sucks. Homesite sucks. Progressive insurance sucks. Progressive sucks.

roof, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

June 15, 2011.

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