roof, never-before-seen post-addition chimney roof & flashing – IMG_3086 (20110615)

roof, never-before-seen post-addition chimney roof & flashing – IMG_3086 (20110615)
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Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Another curious thing about my chimney: Why are there two? We have a theory that there’s a 2nd fireplace buried in the wall downstairs, behind our leftward cabinets (where we keep our bread machines). It was perhaps covered up for heat-loss reasons, or perhaps because the kitchen was expanded and put cabinets within burn-range of the fireplace. There has definitely been discussion of turning it BACK into a fireplace downstairs, but it would be kind of an expensive hassle, and would remove a place for a couch to exist.

See the brown stuff? The detritus of tree branches falling and collecting in this never-before-seen area of our roof. The smell was horrid. I named it "house shit". It was worse than horse shit, but not elephant shit. As I cleaned some out of the gutters, I had to drop it straight down (for life-threatening balancing reasons), where it landed in Carolyn’s hair (repeatedly), her unable to block it with her hands 9for life-threatening balancing reasons). Probably Carolyn’s least favorite part of a lot of this.

Note the condition of the shingles. Progressive insurance (Homesite insurance) dropped our insurance giving us a list of reasons. We fixed the items on that list. They then dropped us a 2nd time for new reasons not included in the first list, including "curling shingles" on my roof. The shingles certainly aren’t perfect, but do these look like something that’s going to fly off my roof and cost an insurance company a lot of money? Of course, we survived Hurricane Irene AND the post-Irene flood storms JUST FINE … With zero water in our house. Progressive did not even cite our roof the first time they dropped us. Quite simply, Progressive Insurance/Homesite insurance are ASSHOLES. The roof sure as hell does not need to be re-done if it is functioning just fine. Plus, I just patched it with roof cement to strengthen it up even more! Be smart. Stay away from Progressive. Their low prices aren’t worth it. The State Corporation Commission has been notified, but since Virginia is a Republican state, our regulatory agencies barely have any teeth.

Oh look! You can see Tim’s deck! (He was an extra in Silence Of The Lambs — see screenshot at ) Can’t believe he paid ,000 for his retaining walls! That’s 70% of what our addition cost…! The jerk who built his lot and paid me to use my water — then using of it — should have put this wall in himself, if it was really necessary.

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Homesite insurance sucks. Homesite sucks. Progressive insurance sucks. Progressive sucks. after addition.

roof, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

June 15, 2011.

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