Route 29 Diner, Fairfax, Virginia

Route 29 Diner, Fairfax, Virginia
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Born in 1909,, Delmas T. ("Bill") Glascock came from humble beginnings in Loudoun County’s Popular local legend has it that he left home with only eighteen cents in his pocket and the clothing on his back. With hard work and clever investment, and a Horatio Alger work ethic, he achieved the American dream. On 12 August 1941 he bought an acre lot on Lee Highway from William Hobart Beistel. Included on the lot was a popular restaurant business called the Blue Boar Inn. The Inn building, circa 1925, still stands about fifty yards east of the Tastee 29 Diner, and is now vacant. Beistel owned the Blue Boar, where at one point Glascock installed and operated slot machines. After purchasing the property, Glancock decided to construct the 29 Diner next to the older well-established restaurant, knowing full well that this was a highly visible site near an important intersection that led into town. During 1947, he made arrangements with the Mountain View Diner Company for the purchase and delivery of a diner to the present site, where foundations were prepared for the prefabricated structure. Mr. Glascock and his wife Elvira constructed the rear kitchen area with help from friends.

The Tastee 29 Diner. was delivered to its foundation on 20 July, 1947. Originally known as the 29 Diner, Leonard Milliken, the current business owner, changed the name to Tastee 29 Diner in 1973. There have been numerous businesses in the 29 Diner since 1942, but the owner has always remained Delmas T. Glascock. Officially listed as a bondsman, Glascock has built other buildings and businesses next to the Diner, including Indian Trailer sales (the Airstreams shone in harmony with the diner), and a Texaco Station.

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