sky on fire.

sky on fire.
Virginia Insurance
Image by kappuru
I miss this place.
I miss the feeling I at the top.
Cold, yes, but every shivering gust of wind and brief retreat to the
inside of the car brought me a real, tactile, sensation, that I was
here, I was alive, and doing the best I could.
Real friendships can come out of three days time.

Thinking back on this weekend, wearing someone elses (read: STOLEN)
Frost Valley hoodie (as it is unseasonably cold here right now..)
I wish I could be back there.
For a few moments, I didn’t really have anything to worry about.
Now, though..
Well. Circumstances and things being what they are..
(indeed, I remarked to derik one day before the trip that things were
too good..)
My laptop is broken. (it’s going to get fixed)
Right now, I am uncertain whether I will be able to continue my
education here at SCAD, mainly money issues. (this might get fixed
With a new car to buy, insurance to pay, and the 900 dollars recently
liquidated from my possession (read: laptop repair, bed, bills)..
I may have to leave this place I love. Student loans and expectations
both hanging over me like so many vultures.
I’ll stop doing the thing that’s brought me the greatest sense of
happiness I’ve known in a long time.

This past year has brought me so much farther than I’ve ever been in my life;
and I will be sad to see it go.

Hoping against hope there’s a way to make it out of this.

If there’s not, then I at least tried my best to make it, and came pretty close.

See you on the other side.

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