So nervous, chances of getting into University of Pittsburgh Main Campus?

Question by pentangeli1992: So nervous, chances of getting into University of Pittsburgh Main Campus?
I live in Pittsburgh, My mom and grandma both went to Pitt. I have around a 3.5 GPA now and will have a 3.75-3.8 by the end of the year. SAT 1090 CR + Math, 1690 Total, I took 1 AP and all Honors Classes through out my Highschool Career. I Am the Regional President Of BBYO Which is a Non Profit Teen Lead Organization. I have gone to several Leadership Training Camps, I am also in Several Clubs at school. I also Volunteer every week with two organizations for special education teens. I am Also Duel Enrolled at Pitt for one class.

Organizations I have been or am part of:
*BBYO- I started in BBYO my 9th Grade year and went up the ranks as time went on. I started off as my local Chapters Vice President of Communications, then was elected My Chapters President. In My Junior Year I was elected the Regional President of Keystone Mountain Region BBYO (Jewish Youth Teen Lead Youth Organization) which was Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I will hold this position throughout my Senior year. This is the highest position you can hold on a State level.
*Teen Connection- Youth Organization where I was involved for 3 straight years. I made sure events went well for all active and prospective members as a Regional Board Member.
*NFTY- A Reform Jewish Teen Group
*Jewish Student Union
*Stand UP! – Was a Representative for Pittsburgh in an international Organizational Initiative to “Stand Up” for world issues and to help ones own causes.
*Invisible Children- a World Wide Non Profit Organization who’s initiative is to end the abuse and killings of Children throughout Africa , I am a local teen Chair for IC.

*Played Football Team – Freshman Year
*Taped as a school reporter and news reporter : Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and Women’s Volleyball- I worked for our Local ABC News Affiliate WTAE and was a Sideline Reporter for the Station, I taped and reported from each of these different sports games throughout my Sophomore and Junior Years of high school.
*Managed School Basketball team Freshman and Sophomore years

*The Jewish Community Center for 4 years as camp staff
*Channel 4 WTAE ABC News as a Sideline Reporter for 2 years
*President of Non Profit BBYO

I think I am going to take the ACT in september to hopefully do better on that, but Im really nervous I wont get into anyof my schools. What can I do/

Thanks please dont give me the answer just apply or what not i want to save as much time and money as possible so please tell me which schools you think I can get into or not , or if i am in the middle and why, thanks.

My SAT scores again
Its a 1690 out of 2400 (including writing)
or a 1090 out of 1600 (without writing)

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Answer by Natalie
Everything is good, but your SAT is a little low… at least get it to 1100? I suppose? Pitt is a good school, but they’re pretty lenient with scores. I have no worries that you’re definitely a candidate for Pitt! Good luck! I’m sure you’ll get in. Take that ACT and maybe you’ll be better than that.

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