Social Studies Geography Help?

Question by maximummax97: Social Studies Geography Help?
For Social Studies my teacher is making us answer geography questions. I NEED some help with it… these are the questions

1. In which state would you NOT find dozens of colleges and universities located in a single metropolitan are– Idaho, California, or Massachusetts?

2. Which state is NOT one of the three smallest in terms of area — Deleware, Rhode Island Or New Mexico

3. In which state would you NOT be able to travel to work by commuter rail — ILLINOIS, South Carolina, or New York

4. Which state due to its northern location, is NOT included in the native range of the cottonmouth snake, also known has the water moccasin — Arkansas, Virginia, or Mane?

5. Which state does NOT have a large number of beef cattle raised on ranches — New Mexico, Wyoming, or Pennsylvania

6. River barges are NOT a vital means of transportation in which state — Iowa, ILLINOIS, or Nevada?

7. Which of the following states was NOT admitted to the union as a state where slavery was legal — California, Alabama, or Louisiana

To answer, Label the number. then put your answer


.8 Indiana


Best answer:

Answer by gosam777
1 Idaho
2 New Mexico
3 South Carolina
4 Maine
5 Penn
6 Nevada
7 California

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