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Question by Aaron S: software engineer?
if i get a four year degree to become a software engineer then will i also have the skills to make a video game or is there any other kind of degree that you need. basically what im asking is if i go to Auburn University and become a software engineer will i also be able to switch and make video games with what ive learned and if not how much does a software engineer make in Virginia

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Answer by MIDIhead
Since video games are software, a software engineer can write video games. In this day and age, many video game platforms are developed by highly skilled software professionals in such a way that someone with a less rigorous understanding of software can do development for a game.

That is to say that someone did the work of not only developing a game, but also generalizing it, and making an editor for it so that the common man can make new levels and modify graphics. Using such game editing software is a way to get your feet wet before you get that degree.

A software engineer could start around $ 50,000+/yr. Sometimes the trouble is finding work in a particular area of interest or in a particular geographic area. However, software is very portable and there is potential for “telecommuting”.

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