Software Engineering Resume Builders?

Question by ssjgeon: Software Engineering Resume Builders?
I’m currently a sophomore at wvu (west Virginia University) pursuing a dual degree in computer science/computer engineering, and I need to start buffing up my resume…..

Now…I know all the stuff that you would initially want to say, internships or work on an open source project…etc

What I want to know is advice on securing these resume builders. I’m finding it pretty difficult to find internships to apply for…any advice on where to look for some, or have any suggestions on someplace I might want to apply.

I also would like to know if getting involved in the open source community actually makes any difference on a resume, and if so I’d appreciate any tips on getting started in the community.

If you have anything else that I’m leaving out that could help that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!

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Answer by whitenight639
I dont know about internships (maybe dean whitter lol) but you can get your resume done professionally for about £50, my advice to you would be fake it till you make it, companies are looking for grads with atleast 6-12months work experience so tell them you’ve got it and you’ll be away. as for the open source thing if could tell them what you have made and it were part of everyday software they used they would be impressed. just my uneducated 2 cents..

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