Someone please help?!?

Question by : Someone please help?!?
So.I moved to Henrico, richmond, Virginia and at my high school we are required to have laptops. So..I have this laptop that my school gave to me and I am not allowed to get on certain sites like Facebook, Myspace, IMVU, Youtube, Devaintart, etc. ((I would get on my computer but like It has sum worm on it and my computer is unusable. I like to access these sites that i listed because i can talk to my fam and friends back home through them. like IMVU and facebook. -__-))

I found a proxy site that let me do those things called It allowed me to access those sites. Now i went to, clicked to download imvu’s 3D software, saved it to a folder, when to that folder, clicked run, and then sum thing popped up saying “This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator.” So like.. I cannot download it. Is there anyway how i can bypass that and download that software onto my laptop without that administrator thing popping up.. If any of you know how or have any information, i’d really appreciate it.

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how about you use your phone

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