Southern Virginia or Western Virginia?

Question by Dmitri: Southern Virginia or Western Virginia?
I’m thinking about moving to Virginia, and would prefer to live in the western or southern part. I’m the type of person who really likes rain, big storms, and farm/country life, what region is richer in those?
And what would be the best city?

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Answer by Devyn
I’m a southern Virginia native and have been all over the state!
Southern Virginia, it’s mostly just rural, you’ll find a few upbeat, suburban areas but not many. The people are usually very nice and you’re typical “good ol’ country folks.” The downfalls are there’s not a whole heck of a lot to do. And because you’re most likely to live in a small town, everyone will know your business. The weather goes like this, November-March it’s bitter cold. I’m talking 30s and below every day. Now May through September, it’s so hot you can’t stand it. Like upper 90s everday. Now the few months in between, the weather is fine. Not a whole lot of rain, but there’s a lot of thunderstorms in the summer.

Western Virginia is the big Mountain Area. It’s very small with little to do and the people live very backwoods lifestyles. The only difference in the weather is that it snows a lot more in western VA than in Southern VA.

Western VA is probably a little more of your country lifestyle, but both are small, country parts of the state!

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