ACC Live: ACCess [Thomas Siblings, ACC Injury Impacts] (1/30/13)

The latest on ACC superstars from North Carolina and NC State dealing with injuries, plus a fun Google Hangout conversation with Alyssa Thomas (Maryland) and her brother, Devin Thomas (Wake Forest). Tweet the show @theACCDN
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Where is a inexpensive place to stay outside Washington DC with access to the metro?

Question by angel1183: Where is a inexpensive place to stay outside Washington DC with access to the metro?
I would like to go there mid August. I don’t mind staying in a suburb as long as there is an easy way to get to the city. I want to stay in a motel/hotel, not in a hostile. Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by nickdc1960
The closer into the city you get, the more you will pay for a hotel. So, your best bet is to find a hotel that is outside of Washington DC BUT close to the Metro (subway system).

I hightly recommend Virginia, as it is safer than Maryland. I’ve had people visit from out of town and I had them stay at a place near Van Dorn Street near Alexandria Virginia; I think it’s a Comfort Inn or Days Inn or something like that. But, it’s only about 1 mile from the Van Dorn Street Metro Station AND they have a free shuttle van if you wish to take it back and forth. They also have free parking at the place.

So, what you want to do is look at the DC Metro/subway system map online THEN compare it to the hotels that are featured online. Most will indicate how far they are from the Metro stations and if they offer a shuttle van.

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Guide to Access 2000 Programming with CDROM (Peter Norton (Sams))

Guide to Access 2000 Programming with CDROM (Peter Norton (Sams))

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Troubleshooting Microsoft Access 2002

Troubleshooting Microsoft Access 2002

Trouble with your database? Take aim with this handy TROUBLESHOOTING guide! Use easy flowcharts to identify the problem and target your solution. Fast! Fix it yourself using: Clear, step-by-step instructions Loads of screenshots Quick Fixes Helpful tips Get more answers on the fly with: Charts of Top 20 Problems and Prevention Tips Extensive index Handy glossary

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How to Do Everything with Access 2002

How to Do Everything with Access 2002

Another release in our successful How to Do Everything series, this friendly, solutions-oriented book is filled with step-by-step examples for using Access 2002 as an information manager. Each chapter begins with the specific how-to topics that will be covered, and within the chapter, each topic is accompanied by a solid, easy-to-follow walkthrough of the process. The book covers designing tables for storing information, entering and editing data, retrieving specific information, and presenting the information in customized forms, reports, and dynamic data access pages. You’ll also learn how to quickly customize Access with special-purpose menus and toolbars.

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Access 2000: The Complete Reference

Access 2000: The Complete Reference

Access is the leading database of choice for individuals and corporations looking to manage data easily, share information over intranets and the Internet, and build faster business solutions. Complete details on every aspect of creating, customizing, and maintaing an Access database. Full coverage of Web applications–hyperlinks, Web publishing, HTML output, importing, exporting, and linking. Explains how to integrate Access with the other components of the #1 Office Suite. CD-ROM contains hundreds of practice exam questions covering the material on the Access segment of the MOUS exam.Access 2000: The Complete Reference confronts the least intuitive element of Microsoft Office 2000 and does an admirable job explaining how to use its numerous tools and features. Intermediate and advanced Access 2000 users–as well as people upgrading from earlier versions of the database program–will appreciate Andersen’s comprehensive treatment of her subject.

Access 2000: The Complete Reference opens with a quick overview of the program’s most rudimentary functions before stepping back to discuss relational database concepts. Andersen then documents Access 2000’s data manipulation features, including the tools for establishing and manipulating relationships among tables. Readers also get a full rundown on building good queries.

Data presentation comes next: The book covers report creation–with and without the Report Wizard–and goes into depth on creating and editing graphs. The coverage of PivotTables–being both extremely powerful and rather hard to understand–could be more extensive. There’s also a considerable amount of text dedicated to Access 2000’s abilities to publish database information on networks and a little bit on Visual Basic as it applies to Access.

Throughout, Access 2000: The Complete Reference presents its documentation as a mixture of prose, stepped procedures, bulleted lists, and tables. A companion CD-ROM includes a quiz program that gauges the skills of people interested in taking the Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) exam on Access 2000, plus the sample files discussed in the text. –David Wall

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How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Access 2003

How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Access 2003

Here is the ideal resource for anyone who wants to get the most out of all the new and enhanced features Access has to offer. Learn the best methods for creating and customizing a new database, retrieving, processing, presenting, and exchanging data, securing your Access environment–and much more.

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