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West Virginia Lawyers and social workers: Legal for a homeless shelter to put an active drug addict in charge?

Question by sünflöwër: West Virginia Lawyers and social workers: Legal for a homeless shelter to put an active drug addict in charge?
This sounds crazy, but it’s actually happening at the YW*A where I live… There are 2 areas that have residents: one is a domestic violence shelter, the other is a regular residents hall that is holding 19 residents, most (not me) who were put here for drug-related offenses.

Anyway..this lady came to work for the shelter and came to live on the regular residents hall. After about 4 months she was put in charge even though I knew her before from a place I used to work and she hung around the drug crowd even then. She also worked at the shelter, around kids, for about maybe 2 years tops when–surprise, surprise!!(not)–she “pissed dirty”…meaning, she failed a drug test. Now she lost her job at the shelter, but, INCREDIBLY she is still in charge of the residents hall. Even tho 98% of the “new” girls have addiction issues. And a staffer told another resident that this place GAVE THIS ACTIVE DRUG ADDICT A CAR all her own. Nice, huh? A drug addict…w/ a car. What can I do?

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Answer by cyanne2ak
Yes, it’s legal, sadly enough. I suggest you let everyone know about it. Write to your city council, state representatives, federal representatives, etc.

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