In Virginia, are you notified in writing that your house has been issued an auction date for foreclosure?

Question by lovezeuser: In Virginia, are you notified in writing that your house has been issued an auction date for foreclosure?
My brother had major medical bills in 2007 and 2008. He got behind on his bills and filed bankruptcy in Oct. 2008. His mortgage was not part of his bankruptcy. For reasons I don’t understand, he stopped paying his mortgage because he “could not afford it”. In January he was released from the bankruptcy and he still didn’t pay his mortgage. He got a letter two weeks ago saying his home was in foreclosure. He called the mortgage company and he doesn’t qualify for any of the new government programs because of the bankruptcy. He says because of his health insurance premium ($ 900 a month) and other expenses, he can’t afford to pay his mortgage each month. So, even if I helped him catch up on his payments, he could not make a monthly payment. The mortgage company told him that because of the bankruptcy he is not legally liable for the mortgage anymore but he is responsible for the lien. What does that mean? The mortgage company has set an auction date of April 22nd. But, he thought all this had to go through a court which would give him more time. The mortgage company said they don’t have to notify him of the sale or go to court to establish an Auction date. I don’t even know where to start to help him. Where can he go for help? Thank you!

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Answer by cin_ann_43
Best thing to do is talk with his lawyer who helped with the bankruptcy claim

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