Virginia Law – Do cable boxes need to be grounded?

Question by : Virginia Law – Do cable boxes need to be grounded?
I live in Virginia. I had lightning hit my house, blew the breaker, but everything connected via hardware to my network has had problems. The items are either dead or have dead components. When the electrician came by he noted that the cable box installed by COX was not grounded, so it’s likely that while the breaker stopped the surge from entering the house via electrical outlets, it still came in though the cable line. Is it a requirement in Virginia or nationwide for cable boxes to be grounded or is it just optional? I would like to call them and request it be done, but I don’t want to be completely ignorant if they try and say they don’t have to do it.

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Answer by joseph
The cable from the pole to your home should be grounded
just before the service enters the house. This is a code that
should have been done by the cable installer. Failure to do
this could result in a structure fire, loss of property and even
death! Contact your cable company and an attorney. They
are ultimately responsible for your electronics since your
system was improperly installed!

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