Koch Brothers Corruption New High: Buying Colleges & Professors

–The Koch brothers are now corrupting the hiring process at Florida State University and other colleges. –On the Bonus Show New test claims to predict how long people will live, heavy metal music saves Norwegian boy from wolves, new bill could let parents edit kids’ Facebook pages. The David Pakman Show is an internationally syndicated talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman www.davidpakman.com http www.facebook.com www.twitter.com feeds.feedburner.com 24/7 Voicemail Line & Studio Number: (219)-2DAVIDP Broadcast on May 16, 2011

Smethwick council buying vacant homes to prevent more coloured people moving in on Marshall Street

Video 3 of 3 In 1964 Peter Griffiths, Conservative candidate in Smethwick constituency won his seat using the slogan “If you want a nigger for a neighbour VOTE LABOR” The general election was won by Labour, overturning 13 years of Conservative government. In contrast, largely because of the race issue, a Labour majority of 3544 was turned into a Tory majority of 1774, defeating the senior Labour MP Patrick Gordon in Smethwick. The “nigger for a neighbour” slogan was attributed to the Griffiths campaign in a BBC interview by Labour leader Harold Wilson. Griffiths denied using those words, but said that they accurately reflected the frustrations of locals. Immediately after the election Wilson (as prime minister) attacked Griffiths in the House of Commons, calling him the “parliamentary leper”. Additionally the Tories had also taken control of the local council, instituting a policy on Marshall Street of buying houses which came up for sale and putting them back on the market for sale to whites only. In an attempt to better-integrated immigrants. Soon after, Americas Malcolm X visited Marshall Street and was interviewed, saying: “I have come here because I am disturbed by reports that coloured people in Smethwick are being badly treated. I have heard they are being treated as the Jews under Hitler. I would not wait for the fascist element in Smethwick to erect gas ovens.” Malcolm X was shot dead in Harlem days after his return from this trip. Later that year in October a
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Home Buying Fears vs. Facts – Northern Virginia Homes

www.theearlofrealestate.com – In this video well talk about some common fears and helpful facts about buying a home in Northern Virginia. You cant afford not to buy a home right now. There is never a wrong time to buy the right home. The best way to get closer to buying your dream home is to buy your first home.
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buying a home from bank in virginia?

Question by Ashu K: buying a home from bank in virginia?

i live in virginia,and i have a neighbour home that is for sale by the bank. how safe is it to buy a home from the home is it posible to negotiate and get a good deal? this is first time am getting into this home buying thing, so am naive on this.

also, if a house cost, 150000, and i have a credit score of fair rating, how much down payment should i have to make to the bank

some people say its 3% other say nothing at all.

please suggest

Best answer:

Answer by Landlord
Actually you need about 20%, it is getting tough to get loans for more then 80% of the appraised value these days.

Of course it may appraise higher then the 150, in which case you would be OK.

You need to contact an agent, we can’t determine anything from what you are saying.

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Homebuyers Can Get $2000 + IRS Cash Refund when buying any Northern VA Home

Thierry Roche, Host of Talk Radio’s – Inside Real Estate discusses Insiders homebuyer accounting tip for getting 00-00 legal refund even though tax credits are expired for Northern Virginia homes for sale